Monday, July 17, 2006

And Then The House Fell Down...

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I can't believe it! My buddy Robert has finally made it to the blog scene!

That means the world must be ending --- this house of cards is falling down, baby!

Seriously, from where my buddy comes from, he is so left-field his mind works in another ballpark! And then some!

Okay, let's see where this leads. Compare the following stuff from Robert 10 years ago with what I wrote in "Worshipping Beauty":

Unless of course, you females, being the sneaky lot you are, have found another way to twist us poor men into pitiful wretches, helpless puddles of slime who are always there for your convenience and your endless, impossible demands, and then leaving our withered husks by the roadside to the carrion eaters as you move on to your next game, your next conquest, your next prey. Watching. Stalking. Waiting intently for the time when he is most vulnerable, then snatching his soul and ripping his spirit apart into bloody shreds, rending him with claws of malice and guilt, tearing him with fangs of lies and promised affection, revelling in the spiritual, bloody gore that spills from his shattered being, then howling with delight at the full moon, as what was once a man stares at you with the eyes of the dead, with life gone, spirit broken, dreams shattered into a thousand tiny shards of despair. The memory of your face, a wraith feeding on his fevered brain, the sound of your voice a curse burning his ears 'til he can no longer hear the screeching sound of his heart breaking , his agonized shouts begging to break out past gray, cadaverous lips. Lips that still remember the sweetness of yours, never tasting the poisoned taint 'til it was too late! Lips of yours that kissed and drew blood, a kiss of cruelty that shouts louder than the deafening silence of the night, unformed tears surrendering to your call: "I own you now. To do what I will, to be crucified along the roadside to entertain the passers-by, to tell them that I have taken you, and there you will rot. You will consume yourself in your desire to please me, you will forget who you are to always remember me, and you will toss away your dignity because I have no use for it. For you are mine, to do what I will!" Harbringers of pain and misery, agents of passion and bedevilment, what weapons can we men wield against you? What shield will protect us from your angelic smile and the hidden, venom-wrapped blade behind your back? What wall can we cower behind, to hide from the spectre of your touch and its dark, forbidden promises? What can save us from your infinite, deadly charms? What will eventually earn us redemption from the purgatory that you make of our world?


And so we die.


Yup, I did unscrupulously rip him off. Best praise I can give him yet.

Welcome to blogging, Robert!


eveningdrive said...



If you don't, I will send you bacon and a copy of The Passion.

Sige ka!

Otep said...

Okay, okay. Only if I can say it this way, hehe. -->

"I lo-----uh you. I lo---------uh you."

--- The Collector (Billy Zane) in Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight

"I was the first angel, loved once above all others... But like all true love, one day it withered on the vine."

--- Lucifer (Viggo Mortensen) in God's Army: The Prophecy

eveningdrive said...

Hinde... dapat ganito:


--- Tapa King to Tapa Queen

eveningdrive said...

Dude, I got the article na! This part really made me laff! I remember the time you were mouthing this off in full turbo rant:

A fifth aspirant, Otep "Masyadong magaling si Michael Jordan. Nakakapikon na. Hindi na tao 'yang hayop na ''yan. Iyakin pa! He held the ball in center court and lay down on the floor and bawled like a baby. Kinausap pa ni Randy Brown at ni Dennis Rodman, tapos nagtago sa locker room at iyak pa rin nang iyak. Sa totoo lang, mas magaling akong magbasketball sa kanya, na-injured lang ako" de Guzman, was disqualified because one night, while driving along EDSA, he decided to run a red light so hinuli siya ng pulis and his license was confiscated (belat!).

Hahaha!!! :-)