Thursday, August 08, 2013


If wishes were notes I would have written a symphony
If kisses were like feathers they would scatter through the skies
If silences conveyed meanings I'd willingly go mute
If only moments spent waiting brought me closer to you

If mere lines on a page could awaken a bright day
If the world skips to the beat of a heart beating in time
If a song can be heard between a wink and a smile
If the miles we are distant means moments standing still

If true hope means surrender, and if faith brings reprieve
If the questions find answers and at last are complete
If all lies and all truths can be bridged with fresh views
If our memories are a Present, never fading, ever new.

If all that is known, or is knowable is revealed
If each breath that we take means another we will share
If each longing is caressed and reaches safe harbor
If only one second of loving validates our existence.

If only what I have to tell can finally be told.


نماء للعقارات السعودية said...

One day , all what is in our heart will be told by our mouths .

Great poesy .

زواج said...

Great words

thank you