Friday, January 03, 2014


There comes a point in one's life when too much information and searching for connection becomes more of a "miss" thing than generating true "hits."  There comes a point when the random thought desires to become purposive, and the creative urge must be mastered, tamed, and redirected.

I have no illusions about the depth or quality of my own writing.  Therefore, keeping on "publishing" my thoughts before my ideas grow and become true living things, so to speak, is an injustice.  They must be allowed to brew somewhere, but definitely not online.  Reticence does have its own benefits, not just privacy, but also the confidence that the silence brings wisdom, a sense of centering and self-mastery.

So this blog will finally retire.  I realize though that even if I try to close down this blog there will a digital footprint somewhere.  My thoughts will always remain in cyberspace.  Close this thing down? Sure.  But some part of me says, let it stick around, as a lesson for my own benefit.  Who knows, someone will be led down this road and find something useful here.  Maybe it will do something for them as it surely did for me.

At some point there may be something I will need to say, and maybe I will post a link of it here.  That would be highly likely, but hey, I wouldn't want to disappoint by building up too much anticipation for the devoted (two) followers of this blog.  That time will come, someday, eventually.  But for now, I will sign off, and bid you adieu.

Good night, then, and good luck.

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