Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Happiness Is ... (Part 3)

See: the first list / the second list

  • Reveling in gratuitous video-game violence (yeah, baby! Burn off all that aggression!)
  • The first bite of food / first slurp of beverage of something you've been craving for ages (crispy pata! San Miguel Beer!)
  • Picking your nose to your satisfaction and then rolling the boogers to a massive ball (would anyone admit to this? Hypocrites! hahahahaha!)
  • A long joyride on the very first day of vacation
  • Watching the scenery as the plane lands on the tarmac on the flight back home
  • Proving someone else wrong after he/she patronizes you contemptuously
  • Getting a treat from a known tightwad/cheapskate
  • Sleeping the true sleep of the just.
  • Mowing down your hair after an unbelievably bad hair day.
  • The cleanest of sheets and the most comfortable of beds in your hotel room.
  • Witnessing unforgettable moments in sports (Thumbs up: Pacquiao after whipping Morales, Federer after the recent Aussie Open. Thumbs down: Kobe Bryant)
  • Surviving that hellacious amusement park ride.
  • Being validated by the one person you value the most.

Happy anniversary, Mommy and Papa -- for 35 years you lived, loved, and learned together. In 12 years since you left this earth, Papa, it has never been the same. It would have been your 48th year together today. God willing, I hope to do just as half as well -have to find someone first, though.

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