Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Shooting Blanks

I just had to say this --- I have too much work to do for me to blog now, but I have to make this statement all the same.

I noticed throughout my blog-hopping that a lot of people who blog have such rich interior lives, it's a shame that some of them don't know what to make of them with what they do in their real ones.

Or, put it this way...

Does Guy A have to talk about daytime drinking when obviously daytime drinking is the kind of drinking that wastes your life? (on the other hand, the f*cking world is so G*ddamned f*cked up let's live it up while we can! PAAAA--ARRRR-RTYYYY!)

When will Girl B get so over herself and her self-flagellation through her blog? Didn't you get the memo - SEX is SEX, what's love got to do with it? If you want to f*ck your brains out, so be it! But don't look for sympathy because there's some twisted part of yourself that's feeling guilty, part of that bigger self-hate that is driving you to destroy yourself. No one pointed a gun at your head to do the things that you did.

And so on, and so forth.

My beef with all of this is, why do things have to get tawdry? When did we start losing all sense of self-restraint? Is it because real life has become a vast tabula rasa of irrelevance that we have to glorify our venality for fear of shooting blanks? That no one will remember you and what you have done? Here's my take on this: people die forgotten everyday! If you want to leave something of value, do something that will the improve the state of the human race.

Live more. Love more. And f*ck all that shit that says sentimentality ain't going to make a difference. It's not your life they're living, it's you. Just don't go overboard with it and become an oversize Barbie or worse, a trying-hard Martha Stewart (and most of us people know how THAT thing went down).

I've done my share of stupid things in this life and went boo-hoo that things didn't go my way. Still do sometimes, every single day. Has my life been such that I have to go on and spill all my dark secrets to everyone, as if to say, "my scars are bigger than yours"? Damn, had I wanted that, I would have gone out and written an autobiography to sell.

So, I'm going to concentrate shooting live ammo, making hits in my real life, the life that will of course be captured in some way on this blog. I'm a bit stalled at the moment, have to make a few repairs and adjustments.

I don't mean to knock all those bloggers I just wrote about --- they make for fascinating reading, anyhow --- but if that's the pattern of their lives there must be some serious changes to be made. And THEY have to do it, not me. Shoot, I have enough problems of my own.

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