Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Happiness Is... (Part 2)

  • Finally kicking your nemesis's butt on your favorite fighting game (in my case, Tekken).
  • Getting brain freeze from slurping down a really cold drink or shake after a hot day.
  • Breaking wind with an earsplitting splat and yet finding your underwear dry.
  • Mastering the swear words in a new language.
  • Being the first person to reach a newly-opened queue at the checkout counter (and leaving everyone else stranded, hehe).
  • Getting new electronic gadgets and popping the bubble wrap in which they were wrapped.
  • Enjoying nipple slips and other wardrobe disasters (intended or not) of otherwise virginal female showbiz personalities.
  • Waking up to a mountain or sea view with a hot cup of coffee, letting the crisp air and the sunrise soak in.
  • Reaching that unscratchable spot and giving it a good rubbing.
  • Hunkering down on the bed and having your loved one beside you.
  • Watching someone else shed tears of joy.
  • Letting out a primeval yell of pure emotion.
  • Hearing an innocent child say "I love you" with him/her meaning it.

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