Wednesday, April 29, 2009

No. 400

Just to get over with it.

One would think you would need something important to say to get what you need to say, said.  (Was that clear?  Hmmm.... yes, it is.)  But, as Twitter has proven, you can be as trivial as you can bring yourself to on the Internet.  As some people may have already said elsewhere, the quality of journalizing has gone from "reflecting on recent events and impressing upon oneself or others a lesson" to "posting your thoughts online as quickly as possible" to finally, "I have nothing else to do and I'm doing this to be with the 'In Crowd'!"

I mean, would you really care that I just took a dump on an eastern-style toilet struggling to just keep my waste from spraying all over because I overate at lunch and ate a bad pear?  Would you really care that the front side of my pants (specifically my groin area) is all wet because I was stupid enough not to bring toilet paper to aforementioned toilet?  Or that I had to run in between two toilets because some other people just happened to take a dump/read newspapers/God knows what, like, hey, mastrubate in the other available toilets?

Sure, while people won't generally go that low to Tweet or to post updates on Facebook, sometimes, it just isn't that important.  The readiness of thought becomes more of a commodity than the depth and beauty of it.   While this instant messaging has its own uses, I'm sad that the days of digesting words --- or marveling at the intricacy of well-written sentences --- have simply passed.

The lesson and the challenge then is to weave magic around the most trivial parts of the day and make them magical.   Now that's tough.

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