Wednesday, July 09, 2008

We Ain't No Racists Hee-ah, Foo'!

Something off the Freakonomics blog.

Which is a way of saying that sounding black dumbs you down. Word!

Back home, Arreneo (Ateneo) accents used to be the ticket to getting hired, though these days with all the accent training of people in call centers, one can't say that sounding sosy would guarantee you're talking with the real deal. That's the price of our continuing hypocrisy.

(Side note: My way of speaking was one of those shibboleths back in those days --- almost everyone thought I came from Ateneo though most of my schooling was in La Salle and then on to the State University).

Anyhow, sounding black means you're down with the 4-1-1, working on your skillz 24/7 but dayumn those skillz won't get you nowhere, brotha.

Yeah that sounds sick and facetious.

Asian boy just ain't got that soul.

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