Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Vacation Mode

The mind refuses to acknowledge it, but I'm officially on vacation mode.

That's right, I don't want to work any more than I have to. It's not been a great week for me - after Dubai I was sickly and couldn't do more than usual. It's great that I'm teaching again and we're starting to do something for the play festival this September.

I felt crappy not greeting my mother on Mother's Day but after the trials of sending more money (again) back home for house repairs, I was decidedly smug. Not that I deliberately forgot, mind; it's just that I was lying back wheezing and coughing last Sunday so the thought of calling anyone was furthest from my mind.

Meantime, the bakery beneath our apartment burned another time in less than three weeks. The first one was actually dramatic (my flatmate and I actually had the chance to play heroes); this time the fire was puny and looked as if it were an act of vandalism. Expensive vandalism.

After the excitement of the TFC PopStar final and the Gloria visit Khobar life is back to its normal dullness. Yup, it can be that pathetic when the most exciting things to do are watching a hackneyed, formulaic contest and lining up to see the Merry Midget Mistress of MalacaƱang make mendicant promises. I did catch the "Band of Brothers" on DVD while recuperating (I still am now, my ankle is swollen and is absolutely murdering me).

The clock is now running... one month to go before my sister's wedding. I have all the reasons to be happy for her and intellectually this is something that is semi-ecstatic in nature. Deep down, of course, if I take it the wrong way it can be downright depressing.

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

What do I have to cheer for anyway?

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