Sunday, March 12, 2006


The news came out that the widow of Christopher Reeve, Dana Reeve, died.

A friend just told me that this is what they get because Chris dared to play Superman. So the Big Man Upstairs zapped them for taking His glory in vain.

I didn't know if he was kidding, but after a while, it dawned on me that he was being earnest about what he said

If that is true, I'd rather not be Christian. I'd rather be some godless being. John Lennon would be right that our concept of God would just be a measure of our misery.

So I believe my friend is wrong. If God is in me, and I am capable of being more than a vengeful, hurtful person, then the God I worship is the person I would like to be, someday - as loving and as giving as possible.


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