Monday, March 13, 2006

The Leadership We Deserve

Managing expectations -

A simpler way of putting it, probably, would be:

Members of the middle class are not truly supportive of Mrs. Arroyo, but don't see a viable alternative among the many opponents facing her. Neither do they hate her enough. Meantime, they absolutely abhor the results and implications of extra-constitutional means to unseat her.

Manolo Q aptly points out the scathing truth about the events in the Philippines - the decisions we make simply mirror the leadership that we have. This time, the collective political quotient of our people has gone down a notch.

The signs of the times are much more palatable when the forms of legitimacy have been observed.

I am tempted to put up my hands and surrender trying to convince others that President Arroyo should step down. Some days are a lot more tempting than others.

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