Sunday, March 26, 2006

Exemplifying Ridiculousness

Fr. Bernas: From law dean to 'guru of destabilization' -

Notwithstanding the obvious oppositionist slant of the Inquirer, the comments of Justice Secretary Raul Gonzalez have now made it to the pantheon of the absurd.

Anyone with a boom box or a virtual pulpit can say anything, even me. Fr. Bernas, ostensibly, is proffering his opinion on his field of expertise. He is after all, one of the last remaining constitutional experts since the time of the Marcoses. How can such opinions be called "destabilizing"? Sedition, after all, is in the eye of the beholder. Good thing Fr. Bernas is, as Gonzalez rightly described, a "man of the cloth" and responded in a most compassionate (and morally upright) fashion.

I wonder if he is going to level the full brunt of his intellectual abilities and impact of his moral authority against Gonzalez, and by proxy, the Arroyo administration. David against Goliath? Maybe that would be the appropriate image. Hmmm...this has the makings of a Sonny Liston-Cassius Clay fight. Who's Clay (now Muhammad Ali), and who's Liston?

Anyhow, just a word before I exit to Secretary Gonzalez: Congratulations! You are now in line to make it to the Senate! Stranger things than this have happened, anyhow.

As for me, I'd be pleased to be called seditious by the Philippine government - at least I'm no longer small fry. HAHAHAHAHA!

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