Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Schmucks, originally uploaded by Spocker.

The traveling circus that is World Wide Wrestling Entertainment came to Manila last February 24 and 25. My friends, the lucky schmucks whose mugs you are currently observing, managed to get tickets for the show. (I'm not certain on which date, though I'd take a bet they got seats for Friday).

Given the rants I have had the past few days about Philippine politics and society in general, it's a nice break to be talking about something else. What better topic to choose than the WWE? You've got everything you need --- bigotry, cheap thrills, gratuitous yet (mostly) non-lethal violence, hot chicks, testosterone, revenge, intriguing story lines, cool moves, and quotable taunts. A slice of life, only really, really pumped up with the least amount of intelligence and just a modicum of sense.

Yup, that guarantees the WWE would appeal to the widest demographic range possible. That includes me and my fellow schmuck friends, the lucky bastards.

It figures --- why watch the circus that others would term current Philippine events when there is a higher-quality circus in the WWE? I'd certainly take my lumps for a being an insensitive bastard (not caring enough), but at least I'd have a memorable time. After all, who would remember the last political ruckus over the visceral experience of watching overgrown boys play-acting at killing one another?

Who, indeed?

Which reminds me --- my buddy Des (who has access to watch WWE in the States all the time)said that there would be a perfect name for a Filipino wrestler in the WWE --- echoing that of Sean "X-Pac" Waltman. His name?

X-PAT! Hahahahahahaha!

P.S. The schmucks also had a chance to photograph with Aubrey Miles. AUBREY MILES! I will gladly be sodomized by a horny Saudi policeman now. (Hmm... on second thought, I'm not that despondent. Some Saudi asshole may take this seriously. I TAKE IT BACK! NOOOOO.....!!!!)

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