Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Baser Natures

Our carpool had an interesting conversation just the other night regarding the onset of urban sprawl in Riyadh.  A lot has changed, they say, in the neighborhoods within the vicinity of the factory.  But even with this development, the construction will not be enough.  There always has to be something better.

For example, for all the advancements made for the King Khalid International Airport terminal, right now the building seems outdated.  Many expatriate workers often complain that Riyadh is the Kingdom's worst first port of entry (the others being Dammam and Jeddah).   It is not even a question of physical infrastructure, but rather the work ethic of the people running the show.

(Sidebar: I am positively running out of brain juice.  My sense of organization and my ability to stay on point are getting shot.  Okay, back to point.)

Our ability to control nature around us is also our blind spot in losing control.

This is the reason why I chose this song - it is our human nature to be enthralled, to seek adventure, to want to be covered by bright lights.

We are still governed by passions that cannot be defined by logic.

Now, as I start losing point on this topic, let me end this for now.  Coming soon.

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