Saturday, September 17, 2011

Wish and Hope, Pray and Weep

I wish there could be something said 
For the consciences of those with good intentions
Not that I have surfeit of any. 
Still, it would be nice to know 
If I could turn my life around 
On the strength of wishes and prayers. 

We all know very well 
That faith may grant us the reprieve 
To sleep soundly at night - 
But tomorrow, our quandaries still exist
Nothing has changed from the time we slept, 
Nothing has come about from wishing and hoping. 

Sometimes, though, the state of mind we have 
Prepares us for the inevitability of failure -
Saying, "such was not meant to be."
It was a nice ride, but one ends up with nothing 
Nothing to show for the depths of despair fathomed 
Nothing to show for the power of miracles expected 
Nothing to show for the oceans of tears shed. 

Life can sometimes be awfully cruel
That the things we enjoy are signs of her kindness. 
Against the stark bleakness of loneliness 
Truth, Love and Beauty find spaces to bloom. 

Before we latch on to passing fancies 
Or future glories that we will someday reap
Never let the slow escape of air from our life 
Overtake us, and leave us gasping us air 
Wishing and hoping, praying and weeping 
That we will never be condemned 
For the sins of our apathy and neglect.

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