Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Interesting that the word "stake" - even with its various contexts - purports to some form of action being taken. Staking a claim.  Playing for high stakes.  Drive the stake through the ground.

I've had an off week - I know this because I know I underperformed on my old standard.  Part of it is some stress from last week, I would surmise.  But mostly it's because my passport is missing and my residence permit (iqama) has not been processed.

I am in a whole boatload of trouble, if things don't get resolved quickly - at the very least, our people should find my passport.  This incident is part of the sickness that ails this company - still, I wouldn't go so far as condemn the whole building for a few rotting walls.

Or would I?  Should I?

So now this game has even raised its stakes - the better I get, the more challenges I have to hurdle.  And keep on hurdling.  Also, have to drive a tough stake into my indolent hide.


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