Sunday, September 18, 2011

Winning Dirty

Sneaky smart of Floyd Mayweather in his fight with Victor Ortiz.  Details here.

Never liked the fellow, always thought he was much more gas than substance.  But he was firing away and clearly outclassed the competition.  Makes the cheap shot somewhat anti-climatic.  Actually, it makes the guy downright boorish, arrogant, and unsportsmanlike.  Made the headbutt by Ortiz in the earlier break in action almost justifiable.

But that's sport, not life.  No one minds a sneaky-smart fellow from grabbing such opportunities afforded him even if he would get them later on.

So, congratulations for the meantime to new WBC welterweight champion Floyd Mayweather, Jr.  Now if both he and Manny Pacquiao get off their tremendous backsides and get a fight done.

Go on, let's go dudes.  No one would mind if somebody would pull off a sneaky-smart move again.  At least the other guy can actually smack a few hard hits in return.

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