Thursday, February 21, 2008

So You Won't Feel Shortchanged...

Willing Exile: Second Milepost

This song is just too good to pass up, so I've used whatever re-learning on posting stuff from (a boon to music fans, really) to bring it back...

Random gross-out moment - The third "rule of conduct" of Muslims for eating is to place food on a sufra on the ground - namely to emulate the Prophet (peace be upon him). It is du jour to see an ordinary cement slab in one corner of eateries striving to attract Saudi customers, decked out with carpets and cushions ---

I was buying grilled chicken take-out the other night when I observed one fellow getting ready to eat his meal. He dutifully washed his hands (the second "rule of conduct"), hunkers down on the carpet and picks a cushion to lean on, takes off his sandals, spreads the chicken and rice on the plastic covering ... check, check, and check. While talking into his phone, he picks at some toe jam with his right hand, flicks the grime carelessly, and then HE PICKS AT HIS FOOD with the same hand!

Just too much!

Taking credit, ehem! - One of my students's blog posts with a quote. Did I really mean what I wrote there? Hmmm ... sometimes having a brain fart produces gems of inspiration, at least for other people. It's to her credit she's deriving some crazy wisdom from whatever it is I wrote. I just had the words as an open door, she crossed through it and learned something for herself (way to go, girl!).

(Edit: replacing the Imeem links with YouTube)

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