Saturday, August 05, 2006

Some Last Firsts...

in(s)ane ramblings: Last Firsts...

With thanks to Nikki.

1. What was the last new song you discovered? I haven't been listening to Western or even Filipino music lately, and Polish MTV is only my best source for new stuff (and they love techno over there). The remix of "Mais Que Nada" is almost sacrilegious but still very catchy. Fort Minor's "Where'd You Go" is the newest one (and very relevant) for me.

2. What was the last new dish you tasted? The last time I ate something "new" was eating some fried rice mix that was either Indian or Arabic in inspiration. It tasted strongly of curry and lamb. I'd like to go back and have some more of it, if only I could control my going to the toilet after I eat some.

3. Where was the last place you visited for the first time?Pagudpud in Ilocos Norte (this summer was the first time for me to visit). Foreign country: Shenzhen, China (2005).

4. Who was the last new person you met? Newly-arrived: my new Indian colleague. Last "new" met - an engineer whose exit interview I conducted.

5. What was the last new toy you played with? Yes, it's a toy - my new video camera. Still getting some fun shooting almost everything in sight.

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