Saturday, June 23, 2012


The new week opens with me starting work at my second location in Riyadh.  I am not so enthused about this part of my deal, I have just gotten used to my working in my current place (and having my own office to boot, too).

But in any case, I have no illusions about this new deal.  It's the same as the old one.  I just hope I will bring whatever I can into this process and help contribute to the emerging professionalization of this outfit.

Organizations have their own ebbs and flows but the more different they are in many aspects the more the same they are substantially.  Whatever the concerns of the people are, they will want to sail away from roiling waters and find safe haven as soon as possible.  All it takes, then, is resolute leadership to hold the tiller.  I never thought of my role as the helmsman - the navigator, yes, but not the helmsman.  Not yet.

So, the objective is landfall.  Safe travels are not guaranteed.  The storm watch is on.

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