Sunday, May 03, 2009

Finishing the Bulls

Well, at least today my Internet connection has been A LOT more reliable than yesterday. Whereas I couldn't get reliable audio streaming yesterday, ESPN Radio was really smooth today.

Something to smile about instead of imagining the game from the game track. =)

The Celts walloped the Bulls in the second quarter but they just allowed the Bulls to keep on coming back. Rondo has his first bad game of the series (he was due). Thank God Eddie House's jumper came back to life, Davis and Perkins really played solid games, and some good effort from the bench. And finally, both Pierce and Ray Allen played well consistently the entire game, the likes of which we haven't seen since the Celts sliced up the Bulls in Game 3.

Intellectually, it feels as if the Bulls shouldn't have had made a series of it, but in reality, these guys are DANGEROUS. As is any NBA team that clicks at the right place at the right time. (Recent memory --- Exhibit A: 1994-95 Rockets. Exhibit B: 1999 Knicks. Exhibit C: 2006-07 Warriors).

Now if they can put it all together again next season, watch out rest of the NBA. Thanks Derrick Rose, thanks Ben Gordon and (belatedly) Kirk Hinrich, and yeah, big thank yous to John Salmons (man, isn't that a horrible goatee?), Brad Miller, and Joakim Noah. Tyrus Thomas, get your head screwed on straight, you're one more bonehead play from being a Josh Smith.

I'm both pumped up and drained at the same time. Been up since 3:00am. Now the matador has finished the bull. Looking forward to the series against Orlando, where the Celtics have to conjure up some magic of their own against the Magic.

Quandary: some of the fellows are already set to play hooky just to watch Pacquiao-Hatton. Hmmm...I don't think so.

Edit - and I don't have to do it. This time, the bull gored the matador. Pacquiao in a second-round KO that should have ended in the first round. Told you it'll be a demolition.

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