Saturday, May 02, 2009


Just throwing out Green-and-White for the Celtics for Game 7 later today, and the red-and-blue (sorry, yellow would ruin the color combo) for kabayan Manny Pacquiao. Because of the time difference these sports events will occur sometime in the early morning tomorrow.

I expect a Pacquiao demolition of Hatton so that one I could watch via pirated DVD. No need to sweat this one. Dang I haven't seen a boxer this white in a long time (We've got a BLEEDER here!).

Game 7 of Bulls-Celtics? If I could transport myself to Boston to watch the game, shoot I would. But I would settle losing some sleep if our local provider televises the game. Otherwise, it would be business as usual on the Internet.

See, the small dramas of life lose their intensity when the raw fibers of humanity are on stunning display as they are in the Bulls-Celtics series. It hasn't been so ON for a long, long time, since the days when the Celts lorded over the East and Michael Jordan and his gang were still eating Pistons dust (and the Pistons were eating Celtics dust). The only time I felt some emotion in this match-up was when the Celts beat the Bulls at home during Antoine Walker's rookie year, and even if 'Toine happened to be on my favorite team, I never liked his play and his attitude much.

Fast forward to now and as other fans are rushing to see if either the Cavs or the Lakers will be hanging the banner of the 2008-09 champions, I'm not going anywhere. Bulls-Celtics it is, and even as I pray that they will live on to fight another day, I'm hanging a banner right here that celebrates their spirit and their determination to keep on going.

As for the Bulls, you'll get a small bandanna from me, win or lose. Thanks for being such worthy competitors.

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