Sunday, July 29, 2007


So now I'm back in Dammam with gaping holes in my heart and in my wallet. I arrived Wednesday morning and immediately went to work.

I had wanted to keep an online journal of my thoughts (as I was hinting in my most recent post), but I stayed off the Net except to read e-mails and to gaze at porn. Typical, really. What would you expect? Memorable quote (and I'll take credit for this, naturally): The reason I'm on vacation is to avoid all forms of accountability.

So there.

And yeah, I hate PLDT's DSL service. At least in our area, it sucks, big-time. Which is another reason why I didn't stay online. One can gouge my eyes out playing sappy games like Civ3 (it never gets old with me, for some reason), but not on the Internet (I'd rather gouge my providers' eyes out).

I miss Manila. Well, yes, but not really.

There's the family and some special friends, and some friends with whom I had hoped to spend more time, some friends with whom I had hoped to get re-acquainted, some business waiting to be done. The different colors, the smells, the feel of things. Let me put it this way - I miss Manila, but somehow when I'm there I could rupture my spleen or risk an aneurysm with exasperation. Ah, life. One big dose of it packs a wallop, and yet when one runs the bottle dry there is just, just never enough.

Until then.

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