Thursday, November 23, 2006

Where Bad Poetry Becomes Earth-Shaking Literature

Thank You for the Gift of You

Sometimes it just isn't too much fun being around, or reading about, people in love. There's this spoilsport part of me that keeps wanting to jump up and say "what the f*ck?" as if people goo-goo-gaa-gaa-ing is one of the perversities of the universe.

Then again, too, there's this prospect, the IDEA, that a girl goes twinkletoes over one of your best buddies. This is the same guy who barely held a broken sink up with half his butt while covered in soap. This is also the same guy whom another good buddy asked to dress his wounds (on the butt, natch) brought about by a nasty ass-chomping dog. This is the guy who constantly outeats you (and that says a lot about him), is at home talking to all sorts of people wearing the crummiest walking shorts, and once used to drive as if he were in a video game.

Oh well, they all grow up one day (or do they?). Gots nothin' to do 'coz ye gots to let 'em go.

But really seriously - it's ODD, but in a good way, seeing people in love, especially the ones to whom I can't say "I love you" because that just isn't the way we talk. And it's great to see their significant others have the courage to let their feelings out about them. The way she talks about my buddy is downright treacly, but only because it isn't happening TO ME.

It isn't "hardcore poetry" but in those moments where I am still and let my heart pour out into the universe, these are the kind of words that move mountains and roil the oceans.

Being in love is a good thing. Always is. That's why I hope people stay that way. Makes the world a better place.


justine said...

'tep... thanks for visiting my site. :)
musta dude?

m-a-l-s said...

ei tep!
yey!!! uwi ka ng May? yey!!!
i'll meet u na rin hehehehe

musta ung india trip mo?

thanks for the comment po sa blog ko. :)

m-a-l-s said...

ei tep! :)

excited ka na ba sa trip mo sa Chennai? :) lagi pala cia na-resched noh? hmmm... baka di ka pa daw kc prepared pumunta dun :)

eat ka daw muna ng maanghang na food hehehehe

nasabi ko na pala kay robert na baka uwi ka May... ayun, excited na excited! :)