Sunday, November 19, 2006

A Dose of Winning

Pacquiao finishes Morales with electric third-round KO

Pacquiao creams Morales with a brutal display of power!

Everything seems to have been forgotten in the Philippines. Manny Pacquiao for President! I doubt if anyone back home would gainsay this right now (except the haters, of course! Screw you, I'm a homer all the way, baby!). We are a nation in dire need of positivity and hope.

I'm sure the bandwagon of politicians would ride on this very soon, if they haven't already.

Of course I don't think Pacquiao should be President. But we need someone with his aura of sincerity and hard knocks, mixed in with integrity and more than a dollop of good sense, to help drive Filipinos with a sense of vision, a sense of believing in themselves once more.

Now, even the best of us are filled with second thoughts about staying home.

But anyhow, kudos to Manny the Pac-Man. He deserves it. It would be corny watching the fight later on, but shoot, I'd watch it just to see the dude floor his opponent. Nearly as cathartic as having a marathon Tekken tournament.

As for me, the only winning feeling I have gotten today was pulling off our Club Humorous Speech and Table Topics Contest with a minimum amount of hitches last night. That I lost in both events does not give me any satisfaction, naturally. There's always next time.

Note to all of my opponents in our International Speech/Evaluation Contests: Now that I'm organizationally battle-hardened, I'll be better prepared and in a better state of mind come this January.

(Aw shoot, that should get them shaking in their boots, Chief! HAHAHAHAHA!)

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