Sunday, April 09, 2006

Humor Me

Advertisements contain the only truths to be relied on in a newspaper.
---Mark Twain

I hate rants. That being said, I have to mention a few things that deserve some attention. I hope the faithful (and few) readers of this blog will humor me as I vent my latest frustrations.
  • My sister and brother both decided that they needed to upgrade their cars. So they borrowed money from me to finance their purchases. Not much, but it's still my money. The upshot of this long story is that my brother did not remit six monthly amortizations to my sister's car. Result: the car ends up being repossessed. Now, I love my sister and all, but now she asks me for some more money to buy yet another car. Mind you, it would not have been a problem lending some more money for the monthly payments. Plus, the money in itself is inconsequential. It's the trust I invested in them. That I'm terribly disappointed is saying the least.
  • One of my Filipino colleagues asked me to be one of two guarantors for him to take out a company loan prior to his vacation. He gave his assurances that he will return after his vacation. Even before he had gone, I had an inkling that he would go somewhere else to seek outside employment, but I had no idea until today that it was his plan from the very beginning to ditch the company while he was vacationing. (That thought gets me in the worst possible way). Well, he didn't return AT ALL from his vacation, and despite the entreaties of another colleague/co-guarantor (who was his housemate too), he refused to send a resignation letter. Now the Company is charging his housemate and me a significant amount of money for the balance remaining on his loan. What a balls-up!
  • Yeah, I'm gaining more weight. What's new?
  • And oh, more of the usual back home in the Philippines.
  • Still more by the way, what would you say if I sported a glowing look courtesy of possible nuclear attack on Iran?

Please humor me that my problems are the weightiest burdens in the universe!

(Diabolical laughter in the background)

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