Thursday, February 09, 2006

New Views...

I finally got to post some improvements to the site, mainly through Flicker, and I'm adding one of the cool pictures I saw from among those posting.

@plays Eraserheads' "Alapaap" cover by Six Cycle Mind

I also read an entry from the so-called Princess of Pop Culture, and after her post (and some of the ignoramus posts on her forum that such post generated), I can say the following:

1) The "Ugly American" stereotype is pretty much alive and well.

2) That stereotype is born of ignorance, and an overweening sense of importance. The world does not revolve around America, though many would like to believe it.

3.) As for Pamie and her friends, her remorse for her behavior more than made up for what she did, though her lack of restraint (trying to be funny at the expense of someone else) in her post after the fact is another thing, of course.

3) Filipinos can just be as stupid, ignorant, and self-important if they want to. Overcompensation from years of oppression.

4.) Who gives a shit what people think if I like Jollibee? I don't take a look when you buy your hotdogs from a sidewalk vendor in New York, don't I. To each person, the choice of his own poison or pleasure, or to take both, at the same time, apparently.

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