Sunday, November 27, 2005

Another ISU Block

Just today, the zealots at ISU tagged my site:

Access to the requested URL is not allowed!

and I can't even access it!

Boys, I do hope you are really reading my blog. I honestly wish you would!... I hardly hate Saudis; in fact, I'm just rather disappointed. So much wealth, so much human potential, but so little drive to do what is necessary.

If I hate Saudi Arabia, I'd be out of my freaking mind to stay here. If I were a subversive, shucks, I'll go out there and subvert more minds.

Let's dispense with the hypocrisy that freedom and democracy are essential for a society to function. Billions get by without said items so long as they are free NOT TO STARVE. With that, let's also dispense with the hypocrisy that the US is the bastion of said freedom and democracy.

If anybody believes that lie, well ... there are a lot of names to call them, but "clear-thinking" and "rational" wouldn't be among them.

Freedom and democracy are in the mind. Whatever land I trod on - be it the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, or any of the seven other countries I have so far visited - it's all the same to me, if I can think freely as I do right now.

So, whaddya say, ISU boys? Clamping down on blogs in general won't solve anything. If you don't want people to notice your country's armpit stains, you can patch them up, but you can't hide the stink.

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