Sunday, August 26, 2007

Deathbed Friday Five

I picked this out, from the Friday Five website, which I haven't visited in a while.

I'm posting using the August 24, 2007 set:

Imagine you are on your deathbed.

Recommend to those who remain in your life...

1) One book to read.

The Godfather by Mario Puzo. The rest of my favorites are in series, so it's hard to qualify as "one." A cool read, and at times, could even be as philosophical - as per this quote.

2) One movie to watch.

"Alyas Batman at Robin" featuring Joey de Leon, Keempee de Leon, Rene Requiestas, Dawn Zulueta, and Panchito. No matter how low you go, there is only one place to go: up. And if you love campy movies that really make no sense, it will make your day.

3) One food to eat.

All of it! But seriously, if I'll pick one, I'll pick sinigang na baboy (pork) sa santol. Then back it up with oyster stew.

4) One place to go.

Can't say for sure because I haven't seen all that I wanted to see. But for now, it's Bali, Indonesia.

5) One life lesson to leave behind.

"Whatever is worth doing, is worth doing well."

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