Wednesday, December 14, 2005

31 Things

I'm a bit lazy to write something new, so I'll answer a few dumb questions.

  1. Your horoscope sign? Libra
  2. Single or taken? Single
  3. In love? Always
  4. Have you ever been seriously hurt by the person you loved? Yes, they're the only ones who could, anyway.
  5. What would be your reason if you turned suicidal? I haven’t gotten there yet.
  6. Is suicide really killing yourself? Du-uh, no? (what a dumb question!)
  7. Country or classic? Classics.
  8. Prefer cute/idiot or smart/ugly? Cute/idiot. Pambalanse.
  9. Are you in a stable relationship with your bf/gf? What relationship?
  10. You’d expect a text message usually from: Orgmates from SPA, my family
  11. Have a best friend that is in the opposite gender? Yes
  12. What do you like doing when you’re depressed? Park myself in front of a TV set and watch videos.
  13. Cheerful or boring? Cheerful. Hmmm, aloof, but cheerful.
  14. Describe a perfect date? Let me tell you when I have one … and it doesn’t necessarily have to have sex in it (always wishing though).
  15. Ever wondered why nobody knows why the sky is blue? No.
  16. Ever been hurt by love? Yes.
  17. Will you ever make the same mistake again? Maybe not.
  18. Ever hated anyone like hell??? No.
  19. What will you do when a person breaks up with you after one day? If we’re married, probably go amok. Otherwise, nothing (what a relief!).
  20. Give one word that best describes what you’re feeling now? Bored
  21. Do you believe in yourself? Uh, no? What a question!
  22. Ever physically hurt yourself?? Yes
  23. Ever verbally hurt yourself? Yes
  24. Motto in life? Get paid, and get laid! But seriously, I don't have one, but the one I most often quote is "Whatever is worth doing, is worth doing well."
  25. What is your purpose in life? Aha! It remains a mystery. I just live life as best as I can.
  26. Have you ever had feelings about a friend from the opposite gender? All the time! Now if you ask about the same gender, I'd say "why do you ask?"
  27. If yes, what did you do? If it persists, I consult my doctor! But seriously, if the feeling can no longer be controlled and I must confess, I would.
  28. Are fame and money the most important things in your life? No. Money sounds good, though.
  29. Do you make any movements or sounds when you’re sleeping? Yes.
  30. Are you difficult to wake up? Mostly, no.
  31. How often do you sleep? Only once a day if I can manage it. Sleeping at the desk is fun to do, but a no-no.

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